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Martin Kinkelin
Fix DIP1008

Invoke _d_newThrowable for exception allocation & initialization, and
increase the reference count in LDC-specific _d_throw_exception for MSVC
targets. Fixes runnable/test19317.d.
Martin Kinkelin
Merge v2.086.0-rc.2
Martin Kinkelin
Upgrade bundled mingw-w64-libs (with DLL entry point fix) (#3071)

ldc-developers/mingw-w64-libs@8d930c1 should fix the issues in
Martin Kinkelin
Fix up C++ headers
Martin Kinkelin
dmd-testsuite: Disable fail_compilation/vector_types.d
Martin Kinkelin
Fix repainting of compile-time reals for targets with 64-bit reals

By converting the real_t to a `double` and repainting that value.
E.g., this fixes druntime-test-hash for MSVC targets;
core.internal.hash.hashOf!(real) reinterprets a 64-bit (target) `real`
as `ulong`, and that code path is taken at CTFE too.
Martin Kinkelin
Try to restore compilability with ltsmaster
Martin Kinkelin
Enforce re-semantic for ThisExp.syntaxCopy()

expressionSemantic() for a ThisExp doesn't just set its type (and do
nothing if it's already set), but may also set the ThisExp.var
VarDeclaration. This crucial step was previously skipped after
syntaxCopying an already analyzed ThisExp, as a later
expressionSemantic() for that copy was a no-op and `var` still pointed
to the original one.

This fixes runnable/test19731.d, as dlang/dmd#9467 may lead to a
syntaxCopy of a sema3'd FuncDeclaration, and that copy replacing the
original function. A ThisExp's `var` still pointed to the variable in
the original function, so LDC assumed it was a nested variable and
failed to find a matching parent function.
Martin Kinkelin
Phobos: Enable x87 asm versions for std.math.{tan,expi} (#2855)
Martin Kinkelin
Fix array casts with constant source lengths

The `__ArrayCast` lowering isn't (always?) done when casting a static
array to a slice with different element size.
So exploit constant source lengths and compute the target length at

This fixes compilable/ldc_github_421.d - a float[16] can be cast to a
float4[] with constant length 4.
Martin Kinkelin
dmd-testsuite: Relax new runnable/testpdb.d tests
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #3062 from kinke/merge-2.086

Upgrade front-end & libs to v2.086.0
Martin Kinkelin
druntime: Add support for LLVM 7.1.* in ldc.intrinsics
Martin Kinkelin
WebAssembly: Use --export-dynamic when linking with LLD 8+ (#3072)

This fixes issue #3023 and restores the behavior of previous LLD
versions (of exporting/not stripping all symbols with default/public
Martin Kinkelin
druntime: Don't require D_AVX for 256-bit core.simd vector aliases
Martin Kinkelin
Upgrade front-end & libs to v2.086.0-beta.1
Martin Kinkelin
dmd-testsuite: Use -disable-linker-strip-dead for runnable/testpdb.d
Martin Kinkelin
Fix merge regression wrt. captured vthis
Martin Kinkelin
Fix visibility issue in tests/codegen/gh1955.d
Martin Kinkelin
Adapt to switch error lowering to object.__switch_error!()
The _d_switch_error function has been removed from druntime.
Martin Kinkelin
Upgrade dub to v1.15.0
Martin Kinkelin
Merge v2.086.0