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Martin Kinkelin
Merge upstream stable (75db01db16)
Martin Kinkelin
Don't emit DMD-style tracing with pragma(LDC_profile_instr, false)

E.g., this disables it for __entrypoint.d (the C main function(s) in
there), which is required.

A wmain on Windows is not detected as FuncDeclaration.isCMain() yet,
that should be fixed too.
Enable gc-sections on FreeBSD (#3106)
Martin Kinkelin
Azure CI Windows: Upgrade bundled libcurl to v7.65.3 (#3135)

Now that Rainer figured out why anything newer than v7.48.0 wouldn't
work (hanging std.net.curl unittests) in dlang/installer#399.

I built the binaries on my box using VS 2019 v16.2.2.

zlib v1.2.11 was built using contrib/vstudio/vc14/zlibvc.sln (static
release lib incl. asm, which needs to be built separately, e.g.,
`cd contrib/masmx64 && bld_ml64.bat`). MSCRT was set to /MT.

libcurl was built with a command line like this in the winbuild dir:

nmake /f Makefile.vc mode=dll VC=15 WITH_DEVEL=C:\LDC\curl-7.65.3\deps

The CFLAGS in winbuild/MakefileBuild.vc need to be extended by
`/DDONT_USE_RECV_BEFORE_SEND_WORKAROUND` to fix the hanging tests.
Martin Kinkelin
Windows: Switch to wmain entry point & convert to UTF-8 (ldc2 & ldmd

This makes _d_wrun_main (cherry-picked from dlang/druntime#2701) use the
provided args directly instead of the process's real arguments (on
Windows) - if the host D compiler supports it.
E.g., this is required when passing --DRT-* options from a response file
to _d_wrun_main.

As a major change, the encoding of the Windows cmdline arguments is
switched from the current codepage to UTF-8.

Note that the MinGW-based libs currently only provide narrow CRT entry
Martin Kinkelin
-fvisibility=hidden: Hide init symbols, TypeInfos and vtables too if the associated aggregate isn't exported (#3129)
Martin Kinkelin
Tweak usage of LLVM Unicode conversion functions
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #3124 from kinke/stable

Merge upstream stable (75db01db16)
Martin Kinkelin
Fix manual cmdline parsing (ignore after -run)
Martin Kinkelin
Windows: Switch console code page to UTF-8, for LDC and LDMD

For proper in/output of narrow UTF-8 strings.
Martin Kinkelin
Windows: Make dmd.root.filename actually work with UTF-8 strings

Conforming to its documentation, although the previous implementation
assumed filenames in the current code page.
Martin Kinkelin
Add lit-test wrt. application of --DRT-* options in response files
Martin Kinkelin
Changelog: Add v1.17.0
Martin Kinkelin
Use wide WinAPI functions

There might be more occurrences.
Martin Kinkelin
Windows: Read environment variables as UTF-8

And use the wide API for pure is-env-variable-set checks too, as the
first call to a narrow env API function would lead to the C runtime
preparing and maintaining both narrow and wide environments.
Martin Kinkelin
Speculatively fix linkability of LDC and LDMD on Android (#3128)

An issue since eliminating the previous D main() functions in LDC v1.15.
Should work according to
Martin Kinkelin
dmd-testsuite: Adapt expected output for new fail_compilation test
Martin Kinkelin
Use dmd.root.file for reading ldc2.conf

Thereby preventing to use fopen() on Windows, which expects a narrow
string in the current code page, not necessarily UTF-8.
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #3086 from kinke/rspFiles

Fix support for response files & switch the compiler fully to UTF-8 on Windows
Martin Kinkelin
Expand response files before parsing `-lowmem`

This is required for dub, which appears to always use a response file
containing all command-line arguments.