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Phobos: Minimally weaken logGamma() unittests for DragonFly
Martin Kinkelin
SemaphoreCI: Use Ubuntu's compiler-rt dev package (#2698)
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #2704 from kinke/fix2703

Fix compilation issues on 64-bit macOS with DMD host compiler >= 2.079
SemaphoreCI: Switch to Docker and Ubuntu 18.04
Ivan Butygin
Expose host architecture for lit tests (#2708)
Martin Kinkelin
Fix compilation issues on macOS with DMD host compiler >= 2.079

... due to its D `long` C++ mangling change.
Martin Kinkelin
Phobos: Fix std.math __asm compilation issues for ARM, AArch64, ...
  • powerosl_builder: test stdlib failed -  stdio
Martin Kinkelin
CircleCI: Exclude obsolete dub settings file from package (#2697)
Default to gold linker for ThinLTO on Linux
To work around issue #2278 out-of-the-box. ld.bfd still doesn't work on
Ubuntu 18.04, and `update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/ld ld
/usr/bin/ld.gold 99` doesn't work anymore.
Martin Kinkelin
Travis Linux: Remove dmd-testsuite test failing with shared libs (#2699)

... instead of allowing both jobs to fail.
Martin Kinkelin
[Android] druntime: Add `real` declarations in core.stdc.math & enable core.stdc.tgmath
SemaphoreCI: Distribute defaultlib unittests among jobs
And make the first job attempt all tests instead of exiting after the
first error.
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #2696 from kinke/semaphore

SemaphoreCI: Add bash scripts and move to Docker & Ubuntu 18.04
Johan Engelen
Fix compilation with LLVM trunk. (#2705)
SemaphoreCI: Try using Ubuntu's LLVM 6 dev package
As our prebuilt LDC-LLVM package isn't compatible (built on Ubuntu 14.04
with gcc 6).
Martin Kinkelin
druntime: Fix core.stdc.stdint.(u)int64_t on 64-bit macOS etc. (#2700)

* Use it instead of newly introduced, LDC-specific
* Cherry-pick Walter's upstream commit replacing the magic structs in
  core.stdc.config by magic enums (supporting implicit conversion from
  integer literals) [as well as adding cpp_{size,ptrdiff}_t].
* Add a clarifying comment wrt. DMD/LDC mangling difference on 64-bit
  OS X and use version(LDC) guards.
* Fix cpp_ptrdiff_t for 32-bit macOS.
* Adapt dmd-testsuite accordingly.
Add CI bash scripts for SemaphoreCI
Martin Kinkelin
CMake: Fix bash-completion issues on Linux (#2693)

1) Allow the user to specify a BASH_COMPLETION_COMPLETIONSDIR variable.
2) If not specified explicitly, only use the autodetected dir if the
  accompanying bash-completion prefix matches CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.
  The autodetected dir seems to always be the system one, so prevent
  local installs from needing root permissions to install the bash-
  completion files system-wide.

For reference, here's my


set (BASH_COMPLETION_COMPATDIR "/etc/bash_completion.d")
set (BASH_COMPLETION_HELPERSDIR "/usr/share/bash-completion/helpers")

Martin Kinkelin
druntime: Add @trusted ldc.llvmasm.__asm_trusted
  • powerosl_builder: test stdlib failed -  stdio
Martin Kinkelin
Merge pull request #2712 from kinke/submodules

Sync druntime & Phobos
  • powerosl_builder: test stdlib failed -  stdio
SemaphoreCI: Build defaultlib unittests serially due to RAM limit
We only have about 2.4 GB of available memory with Semaphore's Docker
platform (a project setting), and there are multiple Phobos modules
whose unittest compilations require almost 2 GB.
Johan Engelen
Disable spir-v test, such that CI is green again. (#2710)

See issue #2709.
Martin Kinkelin
Travis: Test DMD host compiler for 1 OSX job